The world’s first internet connected all weather pool.


Control System Features and Options

All Arctic Spas come standard with cutting-edge control systems. Paired with a proven, durable and self-diagnostic topside control, the Arctic Spa control system is both convenient and reliable. All spa functions including temperature control, filtration control, LED lighting system and much more are at your fingertips.

Advanced Control Systems (Optional)

Arctic Spas® was the first spa company to create connectivity between smartphones and our spas with onSpa®, and we pushed the boundaries furtherw ith the Home Connect feature (which used a home internet network to expand the range of the spa- smartphone connection). As awesome as that was, Home Connect was only a launching pad for our newest suite of features we call Web Connect.

* Apps available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other smartphones.


OnSpa® featuring Web Connect

Web Connect is our most ambitious extension of the on-Spa® system, allowing an EcoPack-equipped Arctic Spa® to establish a connection directly to the Internet.

In doing so, the spa owner can log into the spa anywhere there is an Internet connection, and from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop can monitor and adjust all major functions of the spa. Web Connect allows the user to have choice within this functionality: connect via the Cloud, WiFi or via the website.


Complete control from Anywhere in the world

Once activated, onSpa® with WebConnect allows the user to:
Adjust basic spa functions, such as:

  • Turn pumps on or off
  • View current status:
    – Heating cycle
    – Filtration cycle
    – Economy Mode
  • View current, and adjust temperature
  • Turn lighting systems on/off or cycle colour and patterns

Higher level functions such as:

  • Adjust filtration cycle frequency and duration
  • Adjust Peak Ozone system
  • Adjust Onzen Salt Water system output

Reference Functions, such as:

  • Owners Manuals
  • Onzen Saltwater Manual
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Brochures

and much more!