waterPEAK I

Reliable and highly effective Ozone integration.

Peak I consists of the addition of Arctic Spas® Peak Ozone system within the internal plumbing of the spa. During filtration, water moves through an area where it is exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, which provides remarkable oxidation.

Highly concentrated ozone is created within our twin Failsafe™ generators, and then is injected into the water. The mixture of water and ozone is suspended in the turbulent Optical Vertical mixing chamber to significantly increase the contact time of ozone with water. This process results in many of the organic compounds being oxidized, leaving less work for the sanitizing products to do.

Peak II

Extreme Ozone Integration

The Peak II system offers all the same benefits of the Peak I system but with a few additional features. We’ve added a circulation pump to the system for more efficient production and control of ozone production from 1-24 hours. We’ve also doubled the volume of the mixing chamber. Better mixing and longer contact time is guaranteed to improve results.

Peak II also adds a secondary filtration system allowing 1-24 adjustments of filtration and ozonation. The circulation pump enables two functions – to provide passive filtration up to 24 hour per day, and to allow the flexibility of changing the run time of the circulation pump. Changing the run time allows the user to precisely manage power consumption to match local grid rates, or usage patterns.