Being able to get to all spa components in the future just makes sense.

All Arctic Spas ® come standard with insulated removable access panels on all sides of the cabinet. Many companies bury hundreds of potential problems completely in foam, effectively ensuring that service is a nightmare when this foam needs to be removed and replaced to perform any service.

With an Arctic spa, it’s simple: Remove a panel, perform the repair and replace the panel. We’re simply being realists when we tell you that some fitting will leak or break down during the life of the spa – we provide an easy and efficient way to deal with that.

Total Access™ also gives you the ability to upgrade your spa in the future. As we develop technologies or as your needs change, your Arctic Spa can easily be upgraded.There is no need to trade in your spa every few years when we can simply add jets, pumps, lights, music, purification or any other features in the future. Having to trade your spa in every few years to keep up with technology will get very expensive.