Tired of looking that faded pattern, wrinkles or multiple patches? All over Ottawa Splash Pools revitalizes backyards with new pool liners. Don’t wait for your liner leak to get worse and cause more damage, contact us today for quote and let us refresh your backyard space.

All liner installations include:

  1. Complete measurement of pool to ensure a perfect fit of your new liner
  2. Removal of water and old liner
  3. Inspection the walls for damage, or rust
  4. Visually inspection light niches, skimmer, bottom drain, and stairs sections to find any cracks, gasket failures, or areas that need repairs
  5. The pool bottom is inspected for any loose concrete or cracks and repaired, large damage will be quoted
  6. The pool floor and walls scraped, washed and vacuumed to remove all debris
  7. The liner is set into place and vacuum formed to remove wrinkles.
  8. We co-ordinate delivery of water to a minimum level, you can request more water or fill the rest with your hose
  9. New skimmer and return gaskets and face-plates are installed.
  10. All debris is collected and removed

The complete job normally takes a full day.

Watch the video below to see what is involved

Look at our website to view liner patterns.

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