freeheat-logoIt is no secret that winters get a little chilly in Canada. The thought of owning a pool for year-round use doesn’t really cross many people’s minds.

It is only our patented Freeheat Insulation system which makes this a possibility. Refined over the last 3 decades, Freeheat takes its’ inspiration from the method of insulation used for northern homes and builds on that premise.

We focus on putting the insulation where it is required and conserving every bit of input energy possible to help operate the pool. The trapped air cavity that we create serves to help heat the water and protect the equipment from sudden temperature changes. In the event of power outage our system protects the entire pool from freezing for days even in the coldest environments.

The on-board system monitors and regulates the temperature of the pools cabinet interior, cooling the All Weather Pools mechanics when required on hot days using our patented Ross Exhaust system.

Arctic® All Weather Pools

Ambient heat from the pump penetrates the pool shell and heats the water. In winter this heat returns to the pump area in the event of a power loss.

The result – a year round pool for any climate.



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