Swim Zones

swim-zonesBecause we’re inspired by flexibility, we translated this commitment into five different models of All Weather Pool. There are five unique models to choose from, depending on your need for exercise, therapy, family and friends, or all of the above.

Niagara Counter Current Swim System

niagra-counter-current-swim-systemProviding a powerful current for swimmers to strive against, the Niagara System endows a pool with an aquatic jet-stream. This system is adjustable in both vertical and horizontal planes for improved performance regardless of surface or underwater activity, and water travels up to 27 feet per second through unobtrusive flat mounted jets. Available on select models.

Monsoon Counter Current Swim System

monsoon-counter-current-swim-systemThese high volume jets provide a powerful current, perfect for recreational swimming or fitness, and ideal for all around fun. They guarantee usability for swimmers of any ability.

Tether Resistance Swim System

tether-resistance-swim-systemThis swim system, developed with professional athletes, transforms each of our All Weather Pools into a means of rehabilitation or conditioning by providing stationary resistance while swimming. Comprised of a flexible pole and bungee, the tether is fully and soundly adjustable to suit every user’s needs.