Let Splash Pools tackle the job of opening and closing your pool. In the spring you can sit back while we deal the pool cover and making sure everything goes back where it is supposed to. In the fall you won’t have to worry that something wasn’t completed right and worry about damage that might occur during the winter freeze.

Pool Opening includes:

  • Removing water from top of winter cover & empty water bags (if applicable)
    (all water must remain on the property of the homeowner)
  • Pressure wash cover, fold up cover & roll up water bags if requested by customer at booking
  • Remove plugs from returns/skimmer & install eyeballs in returns and basket in skimmer
  • Install any lights, diving board & ladders
  • Install plugs on filter, pump, heater & chlorinator
  • Cleaning of Salt cell completed (if requested)
  • Add chlorine & algaecide
  • Deliver salt to pool deck if requested (we provide as many bags as requested)
  • If pool level is high enough pool will be started


  • By law any debris from cover will be left onsite, close to pool.
  • Filling the pool is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Pool pump is primed & ready to turn on once pool has been filled.

Opening does not include balancing the water levels or vacuuming pool.

Pool Closing includes:

  • Lower water level below return jets
  • Remove any lights from pool
  • Blow all water out of plumbing lines, add antifreeze to suction line and plug all suction/returns
  • Remove all winterizing plugs from pool equipment
  • Add chlorine & algaecide to pool
  • Remove diving boards/ladders (diving board removal must be specified at time of booking)
  • Install winter cover and water bags if requested
  • Extras: Covers, Water bags & Winter plugs

*Prices do NOT include balancing the water levels or vacuuming pool.


We install more and more Safety Covers every year, as homeowners look to make the winterizing of the pool safer for kinds and pets as will a more appealing look in the fall and winter. Become more efficient as the melting snow fills the pool as the cover keeps out any debris, remove the cover and start the pool without having to run you hose for a few days.

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