Leaking fitting, pool pump not coming on, heater won’t start? Save yourself the headache and the unnecessary parts. Contact Splash Pools and let us send out an experienced technician with all the parts to get your pool back up and running.
Leak in pool (determining liner or plumbing lines) Turn off the pool and plug the returns and skimmer with winterizing plugs. Mark the water level on the skimmer with a pencil or a piece of tape. After 24 hours if the pool has continued to leak (more than normal evaporation) the issue is with the liner, contact us and we will book a diver to do a complete inspection of your swimming pool liner, all flanges, lights and steps. If the leaking stopped and starts again when you remove the plugs and turn the pool pump back on, the issue is in your plumbing. Contact us and we will schedule a technician to pressure test your plumbing lines and determine where the leak is, and what steps are required to repair.

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