Refurbished Hot Tubs

Splash Pools is a registered dealer of the Arctic Spas brand, selling both new, and refurbished spas. We take hot tub trade ins, recondition them, test them, and add a limited  warranty. This provides you, the customer with peace of mind when purchasing a refurbished spa, and is the safer option over buying through online classifieds or privately. We also have NEW hot tubs that were slightly damaged, or has incurred minor defects while being built. These are also sold at very large discounts. The best ones go fast, contact us now for current pricing! All of our dealers around the world have access to this stock, but we offer a larger selection.  They are not displayed in showrooms. Reach out to us today for prices and availability!

Please email Geoff for more info!


Have an old Arctic Spa you’re looking to get rid of? Have your eyes on a brand new Arctic spa? We purchase used hot tubs and arrange all the transportation in-house! or if you’re in need of a replacement, we offer great deals on trade-ins. Check out, or call our local showroom on 540A West Hunt Club Rd for more details!

Arctic Spas Ottawa

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Hot Tubs

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