Pool Leak Detection and Repair

We are highly skilled at detecting and repairing pool leaks. Splash Pools has special equipment to accurately locate underground leaks quickly, BEFORE needing to jackhammer your pool shell or deck. Your pool was designed and built to be watertight, but the ground can shift, parts of your pool can degrade or just plain wear out, causing leaks. Water can also leak through fittings, accessories, plumbing, or sometimes right through the shell.

Repairing leaks quickly is critical – to both save water and chemicals along with preventing undermining the pool’s overall structure and foundation. Even a slow leak can create large holes underground, which can cause the entire pool structure to shift out of level and crack.

Give us a call at 613-692-1804 if you see
any of the following!

High level of evaporation/water level dropping

Highly saturated areas anywhere around your pool

Shifting ground anywhere around the pool

Cracks skimmer
or deck

The Longer you ignore a pool leak, the more it will cost at the time of repair !

We service all types of pools, most filtration systems, floor cleaning systems and any equipment required for pool closings not provided by the homeowner (Included but not limited: winter plugs, expansion bottles, anchors or lawn tubes required for safety cover attachment or water tubes).

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